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State of Texas Laws and Policies on ESL/Bilingual/Dual Language Immersion Education

The Texas Education Code (TEC) is the current law on education and the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) administers these laws. Texas law on bilingual/ESL education was established in 1981. Dual Language immersion law was established in 2001. TAC on all of these programs was combined and updated in 2012.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) develops policy guidelines to administer these laws (Texas Administrative Code...also referred to as Commissioner's Rules) and provides guidance and support to schools and districts.

Below are helpful links to the TEC and TAC related to ESL and transitional bilingual education and dual language immersion programs. It is important to become familiar with these laws and guidelines to follow as it relates to your program.

Laws (TEC) and Guidelines (TAC) for districts or schools implementing ESL, transitional bilingual education, or dual language immersion programs (one-way or two-way):

Texas Education Code:

ESL/Transitional Bilingual Education: 29051SUBCHAPTERB.pdf

Dual Language Immersion: 280051SUBCHAPTERA.pdf


Texas Administrative Code: 

ESL/Bilingual/Dual Language Immersion:


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